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  1. Photo of Stanislaw Jedryka

    Stanislaw Jedryka Director

  2. Photo of Janusz Domagalik

    Janusz Domagalik Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marek Sikora

    Marek Sikora Cast

  4. Photo of Agata Siecinska

    Agata Siecinska Cast

  5. Photo of Józef Nalberczak

    Józef Nalberczak Cast

  6. Photo of Tadeusz Bialoszczynski

    Tadeusz Bialoszczynski Cast

  7. Photo of Boleslaw Plotnicki

    Boleslaw Plotnicki Cast

  8. Photo of Krystyna Borowicz

    Krystyna Borowicz Cast

  9. Photo of Halina Buyno-Loza

    Halina Buyno-Loza Cast

  10. Photo of Jacek Korcelli

    Jacek Korcelli Cinematography

  11. Photo of Maciej Malecki

    Maciej Malecki Music

  12. Photo of Teresa Barska

    Teresa Barska Production Design

  13. Photo of Halina Nawrocka

    Halina Nawrocka Editing

  14. Photo of Stanislaw Piotrowski

    Stanislaw Piotrowski Sound

  15. Photo of Miroslaw Woznica

    Miroslaw Woznica Costume Design