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  1. Photo of Sarah Lévy

    Sarah Lévy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Catherine Haussonne

    Catherine Haussonne Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ged Marlon

    Ged Marlon Cast

  4. Photo of Patty Hannock

    Patty Hannock Cast

  5. Photo of Jessica Boyde

    Jessica Boyde Cast

  6. Photo of Geoffrey Bateman

    Geoffrey Bateman Cast

  7. Photo of Simon Boyle

    Simon Boyle Cast

  8. Photo of Frédérique Bel

    Frédérique Bel Cast

  9. Photo of Stephanie Lagarde

    Stephanie Lagarde Cast

  10. Photo of Hervé Ganem

    Hervé Ganem Cast and Screenplay

  11. Photo of Jérémie Andréï

    Jérémie Andréï Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Marc Bouzou

    Jean-Marc Bouzou Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jean-Philippe Goude

    Jean-Philippe Goude Music

  14. Photo of Ramon Pipin

    Ramon Pipin Music

  15. Photo of Luc Le Devehat

    Luc Le Devehat Production Design

  16. Photo of Didier Lauret

    Didier Lauret Producer

  17. Photo of Eric Mahé

    Eric Mahé Producer

  18. Photo of Raphaël Cohen

    Raphaël Cohen Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Marie Lecoeur

    Marie Lecoeur Editing

  20. Photo of Pierre-Yves Lavoué

    Pierre-Yves Lavoué Sound