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Ratings & Reviews

  1. soniczny's rating of the film The Erlprince

    It is not silly, pretentious teenager film you thought it was. Its the best film I saw in 2017. Multidimensional parable that begins with playing with Freudian, Levistraussian, Camphbellian (maybe Lacanian) interpretations of edipus complex and patricide, and ends with putting a man in the Latourian styled quantum physics of social beings reproducing themselves in a network of orphic transmigration of soul.

  2. McOpinionated's rating of the film The Erlprince

    Memorable, ethereal, a bit gritty. A contemporary urban European setting. The other eternal triangle: mother, adolescent son and absent father. And deep underpinnings in myth and our cultures of myth - the forest, the glade, fate, even wolves - the poetic ballad, the hero, the threat - & the modern possibilities of alternative universes and prize money as escape routes. But where is happiness to be found?