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  1. Photo of Hans Kristensen

    Hans Kristensen Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ole Ernst

    Ole Ernst Cast

  3. Photo of Torben Hundal

    Torben Hundal Cast

  4. Photo of Lene Vasegaard

    Lene Vasegaard Cast

  5. Photo of Anne-Lise Gabold

    Anne-Lise Gabold Cast

  6. Photo of John Larsen

    John Larsen Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Hjorth

    Peter Hjorth Cast

  8. Photo of Ove Brusendorff

    Ove Brusendorff Cast

  9. Photo of Erik Nørgaard

    Erik Nørgaard Cast

  10. Photo of Jens Okking

    Jens Okking Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Bredsdorff

    Jan Bredsdorff Cast

  12. Photo of Leif Ernst

    Leif Ernst Cast

  13. Photo of Mogens Brix-Pedersen

    Mogens Brix-Pedersen Cast

  14. Photo of Hermod Knudsen

    Hermod Knudsen Cast

  15. Photo of Poul Møller

    Poul Møller Cast

  16. Photo of Dirk Brüel

    Dirk Brüel Cinematography

  17. Photo of Søren Christensen

    Søren Christensen Music

  18. Photo of Jette Termann

    Jette Termann Production Design

  19. Photo of Erik Crone

    Erik Crone Producer

  20. Photo of Anker Sørensen

    Anker Sørensen Editing

  21. Photo of Jan Juhler

    Jan Juhler Sound