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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jude Lopez's rating of the film The Event

    What I loved about this movie was how seamlessly it showcased this historical event by choosing to focus on the effect it created on crowd and the people who were witness to it all

  2. Neil Hunter's rating of the film The Event

    I'm grateful for the chance to see this; Loznitsa's always interesting, and this is typically vivid. It's worth reading the well-informed reviews in Variety and Hollywood Reporter for context.

  3. GXSullivan's rating of the film The Event

    Top notch historical documentation. Check out Putin at 22:30. Ironic how the mic goes dead when the topic of economic reforms comes up, and no one seems interested.

  4. Leigh Collins's rating of the film The Event

    This could do with being properly edited with some explanation of what is going on to provide context. What remains is an overly long, confusing series of shots of a people's 'revolution' in Leningrad (whereas all the important stuff happened in Moscow). Aside from a shot of a young Putin getting into the back of a car, this was really quite tedious - lots of speeches and shots of crowds, but no real action.

  5. mckenziebla's rating of the film The Event

    Spectacular piece of found footage documentary filmmaking, I was taken back by how the editing and the narration interconnected together. If you are a Soviet history buff (like I am) or just interested in understanding a historical event, watch this.

  6. tinderness's rating of the film The Event

    In kaum einer Stadt bin ich in den letzten Jahren regelmäßiger gewesen als in St. Petersburg; deshalb war es sehr berührend, durch diesen Film geführt zu werden mit all seinen Menschen in einer entscheidenden Zeit. Brilliant wie die Gespräche auf der Straße und den Plätzen aufgefangen wurden und wie scheinbar nur beobachtet wird.

  7. Anastasija Mass's rating of the film The Event

    Can be quite powerful for those who lived it. Watch Heart Of A Dog after this! Just learned from my father about the music in this doc >>> Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake was the only thing on television during the event. Not only in the August of 1991. It started with the death of Brezhnev, when it was broadcasted in its full-length, blocking access to the news. The same happened when Andropov and Chernenko died.