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  1. Photo of Wong Jing

    Wong Jing Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

    Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Jin Yong

    Jin Yong Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sharla Cheung

    Sharla Cheung Cast

  5. Photo of Yau Chingmy

    Yau Chingmy Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Ng

    Richard Ng Cast

  7. Photo of Leung Kar-Yan

    Leung Kar-Yan Cast

  8. Photo of Gigi Lai

    Gigi Lai Cast

  9. Photo of Collin Chou

    Collin Chou Cast

  10. Photo of Francis Ng

    Francis Ng Cast

  11. Photo of Chun Yu Jacqueline Ng

    Chun Yu Jacqueline Ng Cast

  12. Photo of Yan Huai Li

    Yan Huai Li Cast

  13. Photo of Ekin Cheng

    Ekin Cheng Cast

  14. Photo of John Ching

    John Ching Cast

  15. Photo of Wing Cho

    Wing Cho Cast

  16. Photo of Carina Lau

    Carina Lau Cast

  17. Photo of Bill Wong

    Bill Wong Cinematography

  18. Photo of Joseph Koo

    Joseph Koo Music

  19. Photo of Jason Mok

    Jason Mok Production Design

  20. Photo of Jet Li

    Jet Li Producer and Cast

  21. Photo of Hung Poon

    Hung Poon Editing

  22. Photo of Shirley Chan

    Shirley Chan Costume Design