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A promising debut by Raimi but this more serious film of the trilogy has lost some of its power to scare but the effects still hold up today.

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Tyler Michael


standard horror fare that i guess gets points for self-awareness. still, no amount of dodging criticism via crying satire can erase that this is just a series of tension building and release exercises dotted with some very problematic elements, chief of which is the wholly unnecessary rape scene early on that soured my entire experience. aesthetics were decent enough to avoid complete derision on my part, i guess

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Etienne Deveau Beaumont


Funny , Gore , A true horror hommage , And MAN , that camera work , Chapeau !

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Adam Z


saw this on the big screen last night. While seeing it on the big screen did enhance my appreciation of some of the formal inventiveness on display, it also magnified a lot of the movie's flaws. Army of Darkness is just a great comedy, but Evil Dead II is an absolute masterpiece. The Evil Dead is inventive, influential, and fun, but little else. Frankly, I think the remake/sequel/revision of 2013 was superior.

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so that's how they make bath salts.

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had to rewatch this after seeing the remake! i know it's trashy, but it actually really scared me...idk why, maybe because I'm afraid of demons

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It's truly the best cult horror film ! Indeed Bruce Campbel acts very well and he has so a funny face . Masterpiece

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Bruce Campbell is the master.

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Emma Joye


I was going to say some of the characters act so stupid but on the other hand, they act very human. Really stunned at what is happening around them. So cool!

Picture of Synyoung Li

Synyoung Li


crazy cameras and eerie eyes

Picture of Alessandro Di Fraio

Alessandro Di Fraio


Adoro The Evil Dead, ma ammetto che non è un film particolarmente virtuoso, al contrario, è brutto, sporco e sbavato, ed è probabilmente per questo che mi piace! Merita un voto basso, ma in questo caso, una stella assume stranamente un senso positivo. C'erano le idee, c'era la passione, c'era il coraggio, un talento non ancora maturo: questo non basta a fare un bel film, ma è più che sufficiente per fare un cult.

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John Lehtonen


Double viewings eliciting revelations; the unlikely and unplanned pairing of The Gauntlet and The Evil Dead ushered riches. Essentially an epic purge, Bruce Campbell run through every apparatus of film school gimmicks, fake blood, and cheap gore. Everything that could be a flaw is instead a virtue; endless showy camera tricks congeal into something deeply elemental. Fun and exhausting in the best of ways. Fake blood wouldn't be this evocative again until Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

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Due to its low budget it has a very unique kind of charm that many big horror movies today just don't have.

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Federico Di Folco


Un horror a bassissimo costo che risulta un capolavoro di originalità, diventato giustamente un cult. Raimi mostra tutto il suo talento, esaltando con una regia grandiosa una trama semplicissima,quasi nulla.Le inquadrature,il montaggio, gli stacchi e le zoommate vertiginose,i carrelli tra le porte:tutto crea una incredibile messa in scena che genera una suspence che dura fino alla fine.Carnale ed emozionante.4*

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immer noch einer der effektivsten horrorfilme - mal schauen, wie sich das remake machen wird

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Low budget done right. Excellent camera work. Not much of a horror fan myself, but this is certainly more interesting than most of the lot if only for the indie flair.

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FCC 86


"We're going to get you. We're going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep"

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Like many I found this film on video circa '85 and realized that this was something special. It was a breath of fresh air to the video nasties and slasher pics predominant at the time. The sometimes cheesy effects took away from the horror but was more than made up for by cinematic flourish and the filmmaker's earnesty. Plus it gave birth to the two great films to follow. Watching now still stands up as great horror.