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  1. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Exiles

    I don't know what to say: I was so touched by this movie, so intrigued, so happy and curious to get to know our brothers and sisters who were here before us. Heartbreaking that our parents did what they did to their parents. I love the gentle wordless sensibility and humor. The few more or less Native American films I've seen put me in mind of Bill Forsyth's gentle wordless humanism and humor, which deeply moves me.

  2. Quattro's rating of the film The Exiles

    A portrayal so sincere, so moving. And it's a pleasure to watch, it could really be filmed just yesterday. I think I missed a bunch of lines because of the absence of subtitles, but the substance hit the same. I loved the use of the voice-over, and the «nocturnal» mood that fills each and every frame. Ah, and the title is perfect, too. Great Cinema. One of those hidden pearls I expect to discover on MUBI. Thank you!

  3. Aleksandr Alekseev's rating of the film The Exiles

  4. msmichel's rating of the film The Exiles

    'Let's do it again tonight'. Classic American indie that was almost lost to history until its restoration by UCLA and Milestone Films. A group of young native Americans relocated to L.A. are torn between trying to create a life for themselves there and keeping their traditions and identity. The charm of the film is making the story so identifiable and engaging creating a full empathy and connection.

  5. Marco Bevilacqua's rating of the film The Exiles

    I like the anthroplogical approach to an old culture in a modern setting. This film presents the scenes in a natural way, like a documentary. It is a real and honest attempt to explain the difficulty native American people have in integrating in western culture, and in many ways this can be considered a neo-realistic film.

  6. EdieEmm's rating of the film The Exiles

    "When I go to jail, I don't worry about it. Time is just time to me. I'm doing it outside. So I can do it inside." Important artifact in Native/American social history. Not so into the whole "narrative documentary" but I know it was groundbreaking at the time, as was the collaborative filmmaking. Devastatingly good night photography. Great soundtrack. "Hill X" would be criminalized as fuck today.

  7. George B's rating of the film The Exiles

    Couldn't really get into it unfortunately.

  8. JaredMercer's rating of the film The Exiles

    A bit too staged to be a real doc. Has its moments though.

  9. reijagrrl's rating of the film The Exiles

    a strange, sad flick, maaaaaan.

  10. Kim Avelar Marcelino da Silva's rating of the film The Exiles

  11. Miggy Angel's rating of the film The Exiles

    tragic. painful to watch. post-genocide trauma SHOULD hurt to watch. cut adrift from presence, land, history, culture, the staged scenes reinforcing the enacting of a script they didn't author, costumes covering their crowns & coronas, suffocated by the eraser of americana. the film is complicit in the denial of genocide. the jukebox lied. "Either one must remain terrified or become terrifying." - Franz Fanon

  12. Jodie Abrams's rating of the film The Exiles

    Loved the cinematogrophy and the scenes of old Los Angles . Loved everything :)

  13. Cangurra's rating of the film The Exiles

    Incredible emotional subtext, the interior monologues shows the hollowness of occidental social norms and modern consumption. Beautiful beginning and the mood/tone was like the bowery, you can see and feel the spiritual distance people experienced and the constraints of self when forced to assimilate. great depth and images

  14. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film The Exiles

    Wow, what an incredible record of a slice of American history. And I liked the staged realism style.

  15. T Mills's rating of the film The Exiles

    I only watched half of this film which does not allow me to make a full assessment. However I can say that the staged documentary style did not work for me at all. This is the polar opposite of a film by someone like Hara. It all feels so constructed and blocked.

  16. caitlin.f's rating of the film The Exiles

    so many undertones of this film.

  17. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film The Exiles

    Emotionally vibrant account of living under Empire. Lush cinematography and a relaxed pace that lets things play out. I don't get what everyone's deal with the sound is (not the greatest technically but who cares...) A true gem. It has some of my very favorite scenes of people "just hanging out" in any movie I've ever seen.

  18. ShawnD's rating of the film The Exiles

    This isn't a great movie but it's an important one. It's a shame it wasn't given a proper initial release because it would sit nicely next to Cassavettes' early work. The Exiles shows that Natives--shocker--have precisely the same hopes and dreams as everyone else. What holds the film back ultimately are production values, specifically the audio. The dialogue is dubbed very poorly.

  19. David R Williams's rating of the film The Exiles

    How terrible it must be to be an exile in your own land. To look about and know that all this once belonged to you and your people. I've been to the reservations and seen the despair, the desperation and the desolation. To know that my people, my ancestors, my tribe caused this is terrible in a different way. This film captures a moment in time that could be applied to yesterday or tomorrow so little has changed.

  20. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Exiles

    In many ways, this film sums up my early 20s. Having this energy that I didn't really know what to do with, I drank. Pretty much every day. The bar scenes in the film brought back bad memories for me, as I was quite miserable on the inside without showing. Always searching for something I couldnt find. I feel the people in this film were like me, trying to find some sort of peace in this world. Very moving film to me

  21. corycorycorycory's rating of the film The Exiles

    I subscribe to Mubi to see these types of films. Rare pieces of art.

  22. mpho3's rating of the film The Exiles

    A fascinating artifact."Filming...took 3 1/2 years, ­w/ the cast ­receiving food or alcohol in lieu of ­pay. Of the 6 actors who appear in the opening scene...3 were jailed before the 2nd shooting session began so never ­reappear. Others split to dodge the law, were in jail on ­essential shooting days, or just ­vanished or died. What's more, Mackenzie­ lost 2 of his cameramen to the draft." J. Patterson, The Guardian

  23. Rosa's rating of the film The Exiles

    Hopeless depiction of the native american men and women in exile in their own country. Alienated from both their past and the predominant society. Living somewhere in between. True cinema.

  24. dr0nestar's rating of the film The Exiles

    i got drunk watching it... off the beer and the cinematography

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