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  1. tintinmugshot's rating of the film The Exiles

    Pure Gem. Fantastic, fantastic photography. A film to be celebrated.

  2. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Exiles

    One of the few complete Kent Mackenzie films, The Exiles is truly vital for bringing the true lives of Native Americans to the screen a decade before the mainstream tried to. While the subject matter is important, the filmmaking itself is a bit amateurish, if not deliberately simplistic. The subtle camera work is effective, but the voice dubbing is entirely distracting.

  3. Landen Celano's rating of the film The Exiles

    An incredibly progressive film for the time it was made. Can't help but think this was a huge influence on Cassevetes.

  4. Zac Weber's rating of the film The Exiles

    A refreshing, cliche-free focus on Native Americans in contemporary society. The neon-kissed black and white cinematography produces a buzz we often associate with L.A. noir and the documentary-like structure adds a sense of authenticity to the environments and characters.

  5. klofter's rating of the film The Exiles

    Amazing as a historical document, but the filmmaking is sub-par to say the least. There is an artistic heart drumming underneath the wooden performances and atrocious dubbing. And that's what makes the movie watchable beyond the location shots: the melancholy immigrant longing, the alienation of a lost generation, the emptiness of lost time. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but interesting nonetheless.

  6. Chilton's rating of the film The Exiles

    Original and stylish in a way, but probably better with the sound turned off.

  7. saltwater's rating of the film The Exiles

    I enjoyed the unique perspective, setting, and mood. Top notch look into what life was like back then. Some other elements of the film bugged me, though. Poor quality audio and bad voice overs stand out as grating.

  8. Tisa's rating of the film The Exiles

  9. chad crumm's rating of the film The Exiles

    best film I've seen on MUBI. Takes its time. Great characters, lighting, very real; more so than Cassavetes, old school tempo, nonacting acting, camera- work, close-ups inc

  10. jeremy foley's rating of the film The Exiles

    Awesome, I really liked the girl and her VO in the film, heartbreaking stuff. I also really liked the actor who played Tommy, really charismatic when he started dancing with the girl at the jukebox and then playing piano on the bar - just perfectly captured moments

  11. Jimbrowski's rating of the film The Exiles

    A glimpse of early 60's downtown Los Angeles. Pretty raw and truthful stuff for '61. Before the PC term was Native American...

  12. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film The Exiles

    This is a wonderful and beautiful look at Native American's plight into the big cities. Cinematography is top notch and I really enjoyed the realer than life characters. My only issue with this movie is that the narration was a little jarring. It was already pretty obvious what they were going through, no need to repeat it again.

  13. Lisa Smith's rating of the film The Exiles

    For someone who has never been in L.A. and never met a Native American, this is a wonderful piece to get a glimp of America's history, L.A's realness and their citizens. Beautiful shots!

  14. Rhondo Alameda's rating of the film The Exiles

    A valuable document of 1961 LA. Today there are still remnants of the downtown that is seen here, and it's interesting to see the transition, a transition that will continue until almost everything from the past is gone.

  15. Mariel Green's rating of the film The Exiles

    An exiled people exiled from themselves within the mirth and merriment of drink and lust. But beyond that what an extraordinary glimpse into a never before seen 1950's LA. Worth the view just to be emerged within the look and feel of a place and time ironically displaced within movie city.

  16. bodhishin's rating of the film The Exiles

    Incredible footage of a long lost time.

  17. rcrespin's rating of the film The Exiles

    This is a great film, a great document of a city no longer around. Watch it and look for it on DVD so you can revisit as often as you can. Such a Joy!!

  18. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Exiles

    Extraño hallar un cine testimonial para este entonces. Mackenzie al otro extremo del país (en paralelo a Cassavetes),observa a "otro" grupo de personajes también pasando el rato solo que con un punto de vista social y hasta antropológico.Hay un reconocimiento de las raices indias, los rezagos de la cultura y los nuevos individuos que parecen haber heredado más una contemplación melancólica.Todo el filme es reflexivo.

  19. josé neves's rating of the film The Exiles

    Cinematography by Erik Daarstad, Robert Kaufman and John Arthur Morrill.

  20. Chris's rating of the film The Exiles

    Liked this one a lot. It stands as a fascinating and somewhat bleak document of a culture that is either underrepresented or (more often than not) misrepresented in media. At the same time, the movie serves as a compelling neo-realist portrait of Los Angeles during a period that is far removed from the contemporary experience, but still feels very familiar in many ways.

  21. Cesar Vega R.'s rating of the film The Exiles

    Interesantísimo documento. Una tesorazo.

  22. Christopher Taylor's rating of the film The Exiles

    A exercise in style and genre, this film offers an exclusive look at a small corner of cultural experience in a penetrating atmosphere of 1950's L.A. Rare and interesting enough to merit a further investigation.

  23. SALESK's rating of the film The Exiles

    For those of us with an incurable infatuation for Los Angeles.

  24. Pulpwino's rating of the film The Exiles

    Bunker Hill, L.A.: I wish you still looked like the scenes found in this film!

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