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  1. Photo of Paul Scheuring

    Paul Scheuring Screenplay, Producer, Director

  2. Photo of Mario Giordano

    Mario Giordano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christoph Darnst├Ądt

    Christoph Darnst├Ądt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Don Bohlinger

    Don Bohlinger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Oliver Hirschbiegel

    Oliver Hirschbiegel Screenplay

  6. Photo of Marty Adelstein

    Marty Adelstein Producer

  7. Photo of Matty Beckerman

    Matty Beckerman Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Marc Conrad

    Marc Conrad Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Stephen Hays

    Stephen Hays Executive Producer

  10. Photo of John Michaels

    John Michaels Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Norbert Preuss

    Norbert Preuss Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Maggie Monteith

    Maggie Monteith Producer

  13. Photo of Scott Nemes

    Scott Nemes Producer

  14. Photo of Dawn Parouse

    Dawn Parouse Producer

  15. Photo of Al-Saadi Qadhafi

    Al-Saadi Qadhafi Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Tracee Stanley

    Tracee Stanley Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Friedrich Wildfeuer

    Friedrich Wildfeuer Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Graeme Revell

    Graeme Revell Music

  19. Photo of Amy Vincent

    Amy Vincent Cinematography

  20. Photo of Peter S. Elliot

    Peter S. Elliot Editing

  21. Photo of Gary Frutkoff

    Gary Frutkoff Production Design

  22. Photo of Adrien Brody

    Adrien Brody Cast

  23. Photo of Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Cast

  24. Photo of Cam Gigandet

    Cam Gigandet Cast

  25. Photo of Clifton Collins Jr.

    Clifton Collins Jr. Cast

  26. Photo of Ethan Cohn

    Ethan Cohn Cast

  27. Photo of Fisher Stevens

    Fisher Stevens Cast

  28. Photo of Travis Fimmel

    Travis Fimmel Cast

  29. Photo of David Banner

    David Banner Cast

  30. Photo of Jason Lew

    Jason Lew Cast

  31. Photo of Damien Leake

    Damien Leake Cast

  32. Photo of Maggie Grace

    Maggie Grace Cast

  33. Photo of Rod Maiorano

    Rod Maiorano Cast

  34. Photo of Rachel O'Meara

    Rachel O'Meara Cast