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  1. Photo of Christopher Petit

    Christopher Petit Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Iain Sinclair

    Iain Sinclair Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Keith Griffiths

    Keith Griffiths Producer

  4. Photo of Peter Whitehead

    Peter Whitehead Cast

  5. Photo of Fran├žoise Lacroix

    Fran├žoise Lacroix Cast

  6. Photo of Francis Stuart

    Francis Stuart Cast

  7. Photo of Stewart Home

    Stewart Home Cast

  8. Photo of Olga Utechina

    Olga Utechina Cast

  9. Photo of Howard Marks

    Howard Marks Cast

  10. Photo of Kathy Acker

    Kathy Acker Cast

  11. Photo of Stephen Rodefer

    Stephen Rodefer Cast

  12. Photo of Joan Dilworth

    Joan Dilworth Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Dilworth

    Steve Dilworth Cast

  14. Photo of David Gascoyne

    David Gascoyne Cast

  15. Photo of Katie Bowden

    Katie Bowden Cast

  16. Photo of Emma Matthews

    Emma Matthews Editing

  17. Photo of Dave McKean

    Dave McKean Production Design

  18. Photo of Bruce Gilbert

    Bruce Gilbert Sound