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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The False Secrets

    It's getting harder and harder to be a Huppert completist. She's in a TV show called 'Dix pour cent' playing herself as a woman who has too many projects going on. Unfortunately, this is not a good choice for her. It's not a bad concept updating a play from the 1700s. It's just the execution is so poor. It's both bright and fuzzy, which doesn't help the subtitles.

  2. chanandre's rating of the film The False Secrets

    If i wanted a play, i'd go out and see one. To endure such a bore fest in this day and age, is too much. We still filming plays as if the theatre translated itself unto the screen? (and it does not). A group of brilliant actors let loose in a yawn-inducing play in a very uninventive play adaptation. Avoid at all cost.

  3. tabsz's rating of the film The False Secrets

  4. josé neves's rating of the film The False Secrets

    Digital. To paraphrase Barthes, in "Mythologies", it's an acquired language as theater of life, that is, of life exposed as theater with the spectacle inserted and placed on life, with its own fixed rules of proposition and mythology. It's a freezing act, from which, after all, life is far away and cinema does not enter. It's also an act of contradiction: the naturalization of what can't be. Let's go for Rivette.

  5. Pipim's rating of the film The False Secrets

    Note pour un téléfilm et du théâtre filmé...