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  1. Photo of Gustaf Gründgens

    Gustaf Gründgens Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Theodor Fontane

    Theodor Fontane Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georg C. Klaren

    Georg C. Klaren Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eckart von Naso

    Eckart von Naso Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marianne Hoppe

    Marianne Hoppe Cast

  6. Photo of Karl Ludwig Diehl

    Karl Ludwig Diehl Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Hartmann

    Paul Hartmann Cast

  8. Photo of Max Gülstorff

    Max Gülstorff Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  10. Photo of Käthe Haack

    Käthe Haack Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  12. Photo of Elisabeth Flickenschildt

    Elisabeth Flickenschildt Cast

  13. Photo of Gisela von Collande

    Gisela von Collande Cast

  14. Photo of Renée Stobrawa

    Renée Stobrawa Cast

  15. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  16. Photo of Flora Berthold

    Flora Berthold Cast

  17. Photo of Ursula Voß

    Ursula Voß Cast

  18. Photo of Ursula Friese

    Ursula Friese Cast

  19. Photo of Margarete Schön

    Margarete Schön Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Diehl

    Jack Diehl Cast

  21. Photo of Alfred Karen

    Alfred Karen Cast

  22. Photo of Alexander Kökert

    Alexander Kökert Cast

  23. Photo of Bert Schmidt-Moris

    Bert Schmidt-Moris Cast

  24. Photo of Tina Schneider

    Tina Schneider Cast

  25. Photo of Babsi Schultz-Reckewell

    Babsi Schultz-Reckewell Cast

  26. Photo of Maria Seidler

    Maria Seidler Cast

  27. Photo of Ewald Daub

    Ewald Daub Cinematography

  28. Photo of Mark Lothar

    Mark Lothar Music

  29. Photo of Franz Koehn

    Franz Koehn Production Design

  30. Photo of Traugott Müller

    Traugott Müller Production Design

  31. Photo of Johanna Schmidt

    Johanna Schmidt Editing

  32. Photo of Gustav Bellers

    Gustav Bellers Sound