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  1. Photo of Nicolae Margineanu

    Nicolae Margineanu Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Rasvan Popescu

    Rasvan Popescu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Petru Margineanu

    Petru Margineanu Music

  4. Photo of Doru Mitran

    Doru Mitran Cinematography

  5. Photo of Nita Chivulescu

    Nita Chivulescu Editing

  6. Photo of Stefan Antonescu

    Stefan Antonescu Production Design

  7. Photo of Marcel Iureş

    Marcel Iureş Cast

  8. Photo of Gheorghe Dinică

    Gheorghe Dinică Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Ploae

    Maria Ploae Cast

  10. Photo of Draga Olteanu Matei

    Draga Olteanu Matei Cast

  11. Photo of Alexandru Repan

    Alexandru Repan Cast

  12. Photo of Gheorghe Visu

    Gheorghe Visu Cast

  13. Photo of Vlad Ivanov

    Vlad Ivanov Cast

  14. Photo of Dan Chișu

    Dan Chișu Cast

  15. Photo of George Alexandru

    George Alexandru Cast

  16. Photo of Adriana Trandafir

    Adriana Trandafir Cast

  17. Photo of Valentin Teodosiu

    Valentin Teodosiu Cast

  18. Photo of Adriana Schiopu

    Adriana Schiopu Cast

  19. Photo of Madalina Constantin

    Madalina Constantin Cast

  20. Photo of Cerasela Iosifescu

    Cerasela Iosifescu Cast

  21. Photo of Constantin Barbulescu

    Constantin Barbulescu Cast

  22. Photo of Monica Ghiuta

    Monica Ghiuta Cast

  23. Photo of Tudor Manole

    Tudor Manole Cast