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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Famous Sword

    Même si on est loin des grands chefs-d'oeuvre à venir du maître incontesté Kenji Mizoguchi, ce film ne mérite pas d'être oublié ou même tout simplement ignoré...

  2. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film The Famous Sword

    The propaganda aspect isn't that distracting, since the conservative die-for-the-emperor is a staple of period pieces like this - it's certainly less depressing than the kind of things Naruse was sometimes given during the war. Any other director would've made a cheap programmer and slept just fine; Mizoguchi gives us 70 minutes of cinematic beauty. Yamada Isuzu, in her final Mizoguchi film, wields a mean sword.

  3. joey Noodles's rating of the film The Famous Sword

    This propaganda piece is a beautiful film visually (as always with Mizoguchi) but the propaganda is very very overt and really not done in a subtle way (as opposed to the great The 47 Ronin). Mizoguchi probably wasn't too keen on making this one but at the time it was probably just about the only kind of film he could make. Visually excellent but that's about it. 3/5

  4. Patapon's rating of the film The Famous Sword

    The amount of visual, cinematic depth in this film is astonishing at times but a serious lack of development in its narrative and an only semi-interesting story kept me from really liking this one.