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  1. Photo of Robin Hardy

    Robin Hardy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Patrick McGinley

    Patrick McGinley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Moira Sinise

    Moira Sinise Cast

  4. Photo of Christopher Cazenove

    Christopher Cazenove Cast

  5. Photo of Timothy Bottoms

    Timothy Bottoms Cast

  6. Photo of John Kavanagh

    John Kavanagh Cast

  7. Photo of Mick Lally

    Mick Lally Cast

  8. Photo of Bairbre Ni Chaoimh

    Bairbre Ni Chaoimh Cast

  9. Photo of Jim Bartley

    Jim Bartley Cast

  10. Photo of Deirdre Donnelly

    Deirdre Donnelly Cast

  11. Photo of Liam O'Callaghan

    Liam O'Callaghan Cast

  12. Photo of Ronan Wilmot

    Ronan Wilmot Cast

  13. Photo of May Giles

    May Giles Cast

  14. Photo of Se Ledwidge

    Se Ledwidge Cast

  15. Photo of Gabrielle Reidy

    Gabrielle Reidy Cast

  16. Photo of Agnes Bernelle

    Agnes Bernelle Cast

  17. Photo of Seamus Forde

    Seamus Forde Cast

  18. Photo of Derek Halligan

    Derek Halligan Cast

  19. Photo of Virginia Cole

    Virginia Cole Cast

  20. Photo of Sean Rafferty

    Sean Rafferty Cast

  21. Photo of Patrick Daly

    Patrick Daly Cast

  22. Photo of Maeliosa Stafford

    Maeliosa Stafford Cast

  23. Photo of Ronan Smith

    Ronan Smith Cast

  24. Photo of Frank Melia

    Frank Melia Cast

  25. Photo of Derry Power

    Derry Power Cast

  26. Photo of Charlie Roberts

    Charlie Roberts Cast

  27. Photo of Des Nealon

    Des Nealon Cast

  28. Photo of Dervla Kirwan

    Dervla Kirwan Cast

  29. Photo of Brendan Cauldwell

    Brendan Cauldwell Cast

  30. Photo of Michael Duffy

    Michael Duffy Cast

  31. Photo of Gerry Alexander

    Gerry Alexander Cast

  32. Photo of Tony O'Hehir

    Tony O'Hehir Cast

  33. Photo of Frank Gell

    Frank Gell Cinematography

  34. Photo of Stanislas Syrewicz

    Stanislas Syrewicz Music

  35. Photo of John Lucas

    John Lucas Production Design

  36. Photo of Mark Forstater

    Mark Forstater Producer

  37. Photo of Vivien Pottersman

    Vivien Pottersman Producer

  38. Photo of Mike Murphy

    Mike Murphy Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Thomas Schwalm

    Thomas Schwalm Editing

  40. Photo of Pat Hayes

    Pat Hayes Sound

  41. Photo of Pat Doyle

    Pat Doyle Sound

  42. Photo of Laurie McDowell

    Laurie McDowell Sound

  43. Photo of Aad Wirtz

    Aad Wirtz Sound

  44. Photo of Nicolas Gaster

    Nicolas Gaster Sound