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  1. Photo of Yilmaz Güney

    Yilmaz Güney Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Müşerref Tezcan

    Müşerref Tezcan Cast

  3. Photo of Kuzey Vargın

    Kuzey Vargın Cast

  4. Photo of Yildirim Önal

    Yildirim Önal Cast

  5. Photo of Ender Sonku

    Ender Sonku Cast

  6. Photo of Nedret Güvenç

    Nedret Güvenç Cast

  7. Photo of Tan Yeşim

    Tan Yeşim Cast

  8. Photo of Aytaç Arman

    Aytaç Arman Cast

  9. Photo of Gani Turanli

    Gani Turanli Cinematography

  10. Photo of Metin Bükey

    Metin Bükey Music

  11. Photo of İrfan Ünal

    İrfan Ünal Producer