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  1. Photo of Kostas Manoussakis

    Kostas Manoussakis Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Theophanis A. Damaskinos

    Theophanis A. Damaskinos Producer

  3. Photo of Victor G. Michaelides

    Victor G. Michaelides Producer

  4. Photo of Nikos Gardelis

    Nikos Gardelis Cinematography

  5. Photo of Giorgos Tsaoulis

    Giorgos Tsaoulis Editing

  6. Photo of Yannis Markopoulos

    Yannis Markopoulos Music

  7. Photo of Elli Fotiou

    Elli Fotiou Cast

  8. Photo of Anestis Vlahos

    Anestis Vlahos Cast

  9. Photo of Spiros Focás

    Spiros Focás Cast

  10. Photo of Elena Nathanail

    Elena Nathanail Cast

  11. Photo of Mairi Hronopoulou

    Mairi Hronopoulou Cast

  12. Photo of Alexis Damianos

    Alexis Damianos Cast

  13. Photo of Theodoros Katsadramis

    Theodoros Katsadramis Cast