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  1. Photo of Luis Llosa

    Luis Llosa Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Augusto Cabada

    Augusto Cabada Screenplay

  3. Photo of Zachary Sklar

    Zachary Sklar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mario Vargas Llosa

    Mario Vargas Llosa Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tomas Milian

    Tomas Milian Cast

  6. Photo of Isabella Rossellini

    Isabella Rossellini Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Freeman

    Paul Freeman Cast

  8. Photo of Juan Diego Botto

    Juan Diego Botto Cast

  9. Photo of Stephanie Leonidas

    Stephanie Leonidas Cast

  10. Photo of Shawn Elliott

    Shawn Elliott Cast

  11. Photo of Murphy Guyer

    Murphy Guyer Cast

  12. Photo of David Zayas

    David Zayas Cast

  13. Photo of Steven Bauer

    Steven Bauer Cast

  14. Photo of Eileen Atkins

    Eileen Atkins Cast

  15. Photo of Catherine Bliss

    Catherine Bliss Cast

  16. Photo of Sergio Carlo

    Sergio Carlo Cast

  17. Photo of Javier Salmones

    Javier Salmones Cinematography

  18. Photo of José Antonio Molina

    José Antonio Molina Music

  19. Photo of Andrés Vicente Gómez

    Andrés Vicente Gómez Producer

  20. Photo of Guy Collins

    Guy Collins Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Albert Martinez Martin

    Albert Martinez Martin Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Alejandro Lázaro

    Alejandro Lázaro Editing