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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Sebas Castro's rating of the film The Fifth Empire

    D. Sebastião "-Achas que deva aniquilar-me?" Sapateiro Santo - "Acho que tens de aniquilar-te! Que interessa a vida a quem já nasceu ferido de morte? Mas aniquilar-te conforme o teu destino, em verdade só tens de obedecer."

  2. João Eça's rating of the film The Fifth Empire

    If "Non, or the Vain Glory of Command" was Oliveira's masterful examination of portuguese myths, history and collective future (the neverending myth of the Fifth Empire always present), "The Fifth Empire" is, instead, Oliveira's masterful examination of king Sebastian's troubled desires and ambitions. In "Non", Sebastian was just a fool. Here, he is a fool that sacrifices himself for his people. Deeply touching.

  3. João Olivetree's rating of the film The Fifth Empire

    One of my Oliveira´s favourites, much underestimated in my opinion.