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  1. Photo of John Clark

    John Clark Director, Cast Cinematography

  2. Photo of David E. Perry

    David E. Perry Director and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Michael Pearce

    Michael Pearce Director, Editing Cinematography

  4. Photo of Roger Whittaker

    Roger Whittaker Director and Cinematography

  5. Photo of John Firth-Smith

    John Firth-Smith Cast

  6. Photo of Judy Firth-Smith

    Judy Firth-Smith Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Howe

    Susan Howe Cast

  8. Photo of Rosemary Jaynes

    Rosemary Jaynes Cast

  9. Photo of Michel Nessler

    Michel Nessler Cast

  10. Photo of Garry Shead

    Garry Shead Cinematography, Editing, Director Producer

  11. Photo of Albie Thoms

    Albie Thoms Cinematography and Director

  12. Photo of David Stiven

    David Stiven Editing, Cinematography Director