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  1. Photo of Hernán Guerschuny

    Hernán Guerschuny Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Rafael Spregelburd

    Rafael Spregelburd Cast

  3. Photo of Dolores Fonzi

    Dolores Fonzi Cast

  4. Photo of Blanca Lewin

    Blanca Lewin Cast

  5. Photo of Ignacio Rogers

    Ignacio Rogers Cast

  6. Photo of Alfonso Ponchi Baron

    Alfonso Ponchi Baron Cast

  7. Photo of Telma Crisanti

    Telma Crisanti Cast

  8. Photo of Cecilia Czornogas

    Cecilia Czornogas Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriela Ferrero

    Gabriela Ferrero Cast

  10. Photo of Eduardo Iaccono

    Eduardo Iaccono Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Kargieman

    Daniel Kargieman Cast

  12. Photo of Ana Katz

    Ana Katz Cast

  13. Photo of Pablo Krantz

    Pablo Krantz Cast

  14. Photo of Marta Paccamicci

    Marta Paccamicci Cast

  15. Photo of Leonardo Sbaraglia

    Leonardo Sbaraglia Cast

  16. Photo of Pino Siano

    Pino Siano Cast

  17. Photo of Marcelo Subiotto

    Marcelo Subiotto Cast

  18. Photo of Marcelo Lavintman

    Marcelo Lavintman Cinematography

  19. Photo of Juan Blas Caballero

    Juan Blas Caballero Music

  20. Photo of Pedro Onetto

    Pedro Onetto Music

  21. Photo of María Eugenia Sueiro

    María Eugenia Sueiro Production Design

  22. Photo of Carolina Alvarez

    Carolina Alvarez Producer

  23. Photo of Hugo Castro Fau

    Hugo Castro Fau Producer

  24. Photo of Carlos Nuñez

    Carlos Nuñez Producer

  25. Photo of Gabriela Sandoval

    Gabriela Sandoval Producer

  26. Photo of Pablo Udenio

    Pablo Udenio Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Agustín Rolandelli

    Agustín Rolandelli Editing

  28. Photo of Emiliano Biaiñ

    Emiliano Biaiñ Sound

  29. Photo of Roberto Migone

    Roberto Migone Sound

  30. Photo of Roberta Pesci

    Roberta Pesci Costume Design