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  1. Photo of Miloš Forman

    Miloš Forman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jaroslav Papoušek

    Jaroslav Papoušek Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ivan Passer

    Ivan Passer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Václav Šašek

    Václav Šašek Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jan Vostrcil

    Jan Vostrcil Cast

  6. Photo of Josef Sebánek

    Josef Sebánek Cast

  7. Photo of Frantisek Reinstein

    Frantisek Reinstein Cast

  8. Photo of Frantisek Paska

    Frantisek Paska Cast

  9. Photo of Ladislav Adam

    Ladislav Adam Cast

  10. Photo of Václav Novotny

    Václav Novotny Cast

  11. Photo of Josef Rehorek

    Josef Rehorek Cast

  12. Photo of Vratislav Cermák

    Vratislav Cermák Cast

  13. Photo of Frantisek Debelka

    Frantisek Debelka Cast

  14. Photo of Josef Valnoha

    Josef Valnoha Cast

  15. Photo of Josef Kolb

    Josef Kolb Cast

  16. Photo of Jan Stockl

    Jan Stockl Cast

  17. Photo of Stanislav Holubec

    Stanislav Holubec Cast

  18. Photo of Josef Kutálek

    Josef Kutálek Cast

  19. Photo of Frantisek Svet

    Frantisek Svet Cast

  20. Photo of Antonín Blazejovsky

    Antonín Blazejovsky Cast

  21. Photo of Milada Jezková

    Milada Jezková Cast

  22. Photo of Stanislav Ditrich

    Stanislav Ditrich Cast

  23. Photo of Jarmila Kucharova

    Jarmila Kucharova Cast

  24. Photo of Alena Kvetová

    Alena Kvetová Cast

  25. Photo of Miluse Zelená

    Miluse Zelená Cast

  26. Photo of Marie Slívová

    Marie Slívová Cast

  27. Photo of Hana Hanusová

    Hana Hanusová Cast

  28. Photo of Hana Kuberová

    Hana Kuberová Cast

  29. Photo of Anna Liepoldová

    Anna Liepoldová Cast

  30. Photo of Miroslav Ondrícek

    Miroslav Ondrícek Cinematography

  31. Photo of Karel Mares

    Karel Mares Music

  32. Photo of Vladimir Mácha

    Vladimir Mácha Production Design

  33. Photo of Karel Cerný

    Karel Cerný Production Design

  34. Photo of Rudolf Hájek

    Rudolf Hájek Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Miroslav Hájek

    Miroslav Hájek Editing

  36. Photo of Adolf Böhm

    Adolf Böhm Sound

  37. Photo of Zdena Snajdarová

    Zdena Snajdarová Costume Design