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Ratings & Reviews

  1. f-nanda's rating of the film The First Grader

    POWERFUL STORY! An example that should be more known to the world. I wanna a doc about him! BE MY FRIEND.

  2. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film The First Grader

    The power of education and the need for people to be literate and above all the fact that every age is good to start learning something. I highly recommend you to watch this movie and even making kids watch it. I told the story to my son was getting into first grade as I wanted him to know that education is still not available for everyone in this world and we should make best use of what we have.....

  3. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film The First Grader

    i dont care what people say. i liked this movie and found it inspiring which is quite rare for me.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film The First Grader

    A formulaic crowd pleaser with a heart of gold. For some thats a recomendation for others a complete turn off. A story so outrageous it could only be true. Pedestrian direction from Chadwick that squanders bigger opportunities saved by performances by Litondo and Naomie Harris. Not a total bust by any stretch but one becomes conscience of being manipulated.

  5. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The First Grader

    Very good but not great by-the-numbers uplifting story about kids and old people and education being a good thing and how you gotta show some resolve and determination develops a dark undercurrent and unexpected depth as background and history are revealed to the audience.

  6. Camila Andrea's rating of the film The First Grader