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  1. Photo of Dario Argento

    Dario Argento Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nanni Balestrini

    Nanni Balestrini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luigi Cozzi

    Luigi Cozzi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Enzo Ungari

    Enzo Ungari Screenplay

  5. Photo of Adriano Celentano

    Adriano Celentano Cast

  6. Photo of Enzo Cerusico

    Enzo Cerusico Cast

  7. Photo of Maril├╣ Tolo

    Maril├╣ Tolo Cast

  8. Photo of Luisa De Santis

    Luisa De Santis Cast

  9. Photo of Glauco Onorato

    Glauco Onorato Cast

  10. Photo of Sergio Graziani

    Sergio Graziani Cast

  11. Photo of Claudio Argento

    Claudio Argento Executive Producer and Producer

  12. Photo of Salvatore Argento

    Salvatore Argento Producer

  13. Photo of Giorgio Gaslini

    Giorgio Gaslini Music

  14. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  15. Photo of Franco Fraticelli

    Franco Fraticelli Editing

  16. Photo of Giuseppe Bassan

    Giuseppe Bassan Production Design

  17. Photo of Domenico Pasquadibisceglie

    Domenico Pasquadibisceglie Sound

  18. Photo of Salvatore Baccaro

    Salvatore Baccaro Cast