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  1. Photo of Jason Segel

    Jason Segel Screenplay, Cast Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Emily Blunt

    Emily Blunt Cast

  3. Photo of Alison Brie

    Alison Brie Cast

  4. Photo of Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt Cast

  5. Photo of Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans Cast

  6. Photo of Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart Cast

  7. Photo of Chris Parnell

    Chris Parnell Cast

  8. Photo of Mindy Kaling

    Mindy Kaling Cast

  9. Photo of Jim Piddock

    Jim Piddock Cast

  10. Photo of Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson Cast

  11. Photo of Mimi Kennedy

    Mimi Kennedy Cast

  12. Photo of David Paymer

    David Paymer Cast

  13. Photo of Adam Campbell

    Adam Campbell Cast

  14. Photo of Brian Posehn

    Brian Posehn Cast

  15. Photo of Randall Park

    Randall Park Cast

  16. Photo of Jacki Weaver

    Jacki Weaver Cast

  17. Photo of Jane Carr

    Jane Carr Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Ensign

    Michael Ensign Cast

  19. Photo of Javier Aguirresarobe

    Javier Aguirresarobe Cinematography

  20. Photo of Michael Andrews

    Michael Andrews Music

  21. Photo of Julie Berghoff

    Julie Berghoff Production Design

  22. Photo of Judd Apatow

    Judd Apatow Producer

  23. Photo of Rodney Rothman

    Rodney Rothman Producer

  24. Photo of Nicholas Stoller

    Nicholas Stoller Producer, Director Screenplay

  25. Photo of Richard Vane

    Richard Vane Executive Producer

  26. Photo of William Kerr

    William Kerr Editing

  27. Photo of Peck Prior

    Peck Prior Editing

  28. Photo of George H. Anderson

    George H. Anderson Sound