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  1. Photo of Valentina Brumberg

    Valentina Brumberg Director

  2. Photo of Zinaida Brumberg

    Zinaida Brumberg Director

  3. Photo of Nikolay Erdman

    Nikolay Erdman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vladimir Morozov

    Vladimir Morozov Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yuri Levitin

    Yuri Levitin Music

  6. Photo of Elena Petrova

    Elena Petrova Cinematography

  7. Photo of Valentina Ivanova

    Valentina Ivanova Editing

  8. Photo of Nikolay Prilutskiy

    Nikolay Prilutskiy Sound

  9. Photo of Vladimir Arbekov

    Vladimir Arbekov Animation

  10. Photo of Valentina Borisova

    Valentina Borisova Animation

  11. Photo of Boris Butakov

    Boris Butakov Animation

  12. Photo of Konstantin Chikin

    Konstantin Chikin Animation

  13. Photo of Roman Davydov

    Roman Davydov Animation

  14. Photo of Boris Dyozhkin

    Boris Dyozhkin Animation

  15. Photo of Faina Yepifanova

    Faina Yepifanova Animation

  16. Photo of Tatyana Fyodorova

    Tatyana Fyodorova Animation

  17. Photo of Fyodor Khitruk

    Fyodor Khitruk Animation

  18. Photo of Elena Khludova

    Elena Khludova Animation

  19. Photo of Lev Popov

    Lev Popov Animation

  20. Photo of Vera Bendina

    Vera Bendina Cast

  21. Photo of Vladimir Gotovtsev

    Vladimir Gotovtsev Cast

  22. Photo of Vladimir Gribkov

    Vladimir Gribkov Cast

  23. Photo of Liliya Gritsenko

    Liliya Gritsenko Cast