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  1. Photo of Anwar Wagdi

    Anwar Wagdi Screenplay, Cast, Director

  2. Photo of Naguib Al Rihani

    Naguib Al Rihani Cast, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Laila Mourad

    Laila Mourad Cast

  4. Photo of Mahmoud El-Meliguy

    Mahmoud El-Meliguy Cast

  5. Photo of Suleiman Naguib

    Suleiman Naguib Cast

  6. Photo of Abdel Waress Assar

    Abdel Waress Assar Cast

  7. Photo of Youssef Wahby

    Youssef Wahby Cast

  8. Photo of Stephan Rosti

    Stephan Rosti Cast

  9. Photo of Kamal El Sheikh

    Kamal El Sheikh Editing

  10. Photo of Zeinat Sedki

    Zeinat Sedki Cast

  11. Photo of Mohamed Abdel Wahab

    Mohamed Abdel Wahab Cast, Music

  12. Photo of Farid Shawqi

    Farid Shawqi Cast

  13. Photo of Said Abu Bakr

    Said Abu Bakr Cast

  14. Photo of Ferdoos Mohammed

    Ferdoos Mohammed Cast

  15. Photo of Abdul Wahab

    Abdul Wahab Cast