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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film The Flock

    'Someone's got to pay..' Unfortunately it's the audience watching this dreck. Just terrible film likely inspired by the Homolka/Bernardo killings amongst others that tells the tale of a social worker monitoring sex offenders who takes his job far too personally. Gere is pretty awful here but Claire Danes is even worse. Taken out of the hands of director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs) and finished by Niels Mueller.

  2. spiderliliez's rating of the film The Flock

    When I first saw the IMDB rating, I thought they could be wrong. Sure enough, the people were right. This film had all the best intentions. But that just isn't enough is it? No depth and the character build up was just missing. You barely could feel empathy for its characters. The dynamic between Richard Gere and Claire Danes could have worked well with a better script. Apparently, they couldn't have that either.

  3. Ahmet UJeschk's rating of the film The Flock

    It's obvious that Hollywood and Hong-Kong movie industry have a strong linkage. No awkward issue seen in the movie, like a Holywood film. Slashers, saved girl in last second etc.