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  1. Photo of Roberto Rossellini

    Roberto Rossellini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Federico Fellini

    Federico Fellini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Father Antonio Lisandrini

    Father Antonio Lisandrini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Father Felix Morlion

    Father Felix Morlion Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brother Nazario Gerardi

    Brother Nazario Gerardi Cast

  6. Photo of Brother Severino Pisacane

    Brother Severino Pisacane Cast

  7. Photo of Esposito Bonaventura

    Esposito Bonaventura Cast

  8. Photo of Aldo Fabrizi

    Aldo Fabrizi Cast

  9. Photo of Arabella Lemaître

    Arabella Lemaître Cast

  10. Photo of Brother Nazareno

    Brother Nazareno Cast

  11. Photo of Brother Raffaele

    Brother Raffaele Cast

  12. Photo of Brother Robert Sorrentino

    Brother Robert Sorrentino Cast

  13. Photo of Otello Martelli

    Otello Martelli Cinematography

  14. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Music

  15. Photo of Father Enrico Buondonno

    Father Enrico Buondonno Music

  16. Photo of Virgilio Marchi

    Virgilio Marchi Production Design

  17. Photo of Angelo Rizzoli

    Angelo Rizzoli Producer

  18. Photo of Jolanda Benvenuti

    Jolanda Benvenuti Editing

  19. Photo of Eraldo Giordani

    Eraldo Giordani Sound

  20. Photo of Raffaele Del Monte

    Raffaele Del Monte Sound

  21. Photo of Marina Arcangeli

    Marina Arcangeli Costume Design

  22. Photo of Ditta Peruzzi

    Ditta Peruzzi Costume Design