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  1. Photo of Pino Amenta

    Pino Amenta Director

  2. Photo of Vincent Moran

    Vincent Moran Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrew McFarlane

    Andrew McFarlane Cast

  4. Photo of Lorna Patterson

    Lorna Patterson Cast

  5. Photo of Keith Eden

    Keith Eden Cast

  6. Photo of Lenore Smith

    Lenore Smith Cast

  7. Photo of Max Cullen

    Max Cullen Cast

  8. Photo of Bruce Barry

    Bruce Barry Cast

  9. Photo of Pat Evison

    Pat Evison Cast

  10. Photo of Maurie Fields

    Maurie Fields Cast

  11. Photo of Val Jellay

    Val Jellay Cast

  12. Photo of Bill Hunter

    Bill Hunter Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Bisley

    Steve Bisley Cast

  14. Photo of Gil Tucker

    Gil Tucker Cast

  15. Photo of Vikki Hammond

    Vikki Hammond Cast

  16. Photo of Nick Waters

    Nick Waters Cast

  17. Photo of Monica Maughan

    Monica Maughan Cast

  18. Photo of Stefan Dennis

    Stefan Dennis Cast

  19. Photo of Fredric Abbott

    Fredric Abbott Cast

  20. Photo of Maureen Edwards

    Maureen Edwards Cast

  21. Photo of Barry Donnelly

    Barry Donnelly Cast

  22. Photo of Linda Hartley

    Linda Hartley Cast

  23. Photo of Simone Buchanan

    Simone Buchanan Cast

  24. Photo of John Frawley

    John Frawley Cast

  25. Photo of Carmel Millhouse

    Carmel Millhouse Cast

  26. Photo of Jacqui Gordon

    Jacqui Gordon Cast

  27. Photo of Carole Yelland

    Carole Yelland Cast

  28. Photo of Terry Gill

    Terry Gill Cast

  29. Photo of Bill Pearson

    Bill Pearson Cast

  30. Photo of Catherine Wilkin

    Catherine Wilkin Cast

  31. Photo of Steve Dodd

    Steve Dodd Cast

  32. Photo of David Connell

    David Connell Cinematography

  33. Photo of Garry McDonald

    Garry McDonald Music

  34. Photo of Laurie Stone

    Laurie Stone Music

  35. Photo of Otello Stolfo

    Otello Stolfo Production Design

  36. Photo of Oscar Whitbread

    Oscar Whitbread Producer

  37. Photo of Graham Moore

    Graham Moore Producer

  38. Photo of Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

    Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Producer

  39. Photo of Hector Crawford

    Hector Crawford Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Ian Crawford

    Ian Crawford Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Terry Stapleton

    Terry Stapleton Executive Producer and Screenplay

  42. Photo of Ken Sallows

    Ken Sallows Editing

  43. Photo of Andrew Ramage

    Andrew Ramage Sound

  44. Photo of Steve Lambeth

    Steve Lambeth Sound

  45. Photo of Glenn Martin

    Glenn Martin Sound

  46. Photo of Rob Scott

    Rob Scott Sound