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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film The Flying House

    3-4. Interesting that it uses the flying house as a metaphor of escapism from economic trouble; a very timely idea for its day.

  2. JM M----'s rating of the film The Flying House

    Most early animation is more interesting as historically important work then as time-less work. Exceptions exist. Work by animators like Lotte Reiniger, Starewicz, and even some of McCay's other films). This falls into the former rather then the latter, and is interesting in how bridges the mediums of film and comics (both of which McCay worked in, with this being an adaptation of one of his comic series).

  3. Catherine Krummey's rating of the film The Flying House

    I want a house that can fly - into space no less - and float on water.