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  1. Photo of E.W. Swackhamer

    E.W. Swackhamer Director

  2. Photo of Jerrold Bernstein

    Jerrold Bernstein Director

  3. Photo of Murray Golden

    Murray Golden Director

  4. Photo of Harry Falk

    Harry Falk Director

  5. Photo of Richard Kinon

    Richard Kinon Director

  6. Photo of Claudio Guzmán

    Claudio Guzmán Director

  7. Photo of Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Director

  8. Photo of Stan Schwimmer

    Stan Schwimmer Director

  9. Photo of Ezra Stone

    Ezra Stone Director

  10. Photo of Russ Mayberry

    Russ Mayberry Director

  11. Photo of Marc Daniels

    Marc Daniels Director

  12. Photo of Hal Cooper

    Hal Cooper Director

  13. Photo of Mack Bing

    Mack Bing Director

  14. Photo of Joseph Bernard

    Joseph Bernard Director

  15. Photo of Oscar Rudolph

    Oscar Rudolph Director

  16. Photo of John Erman

    John Erman Director

  17. Photo of Jon C. Andersen

    Jon C. Andersen Director

  18. Photo of R. Robert Rosenbaum

    R. Robert Rosenbaum Director

  19. Photo of Jerome Courtland

    Jerome Courtland Director

  20. Photo of Lou Antonio

    Lou Antonio Director

  21. Photo of Leon Benson

    Leon Benson Director

  22. Photo of Bernard Slade

    Bernard Slade Screenplay

  23. Photo of Harlan Ellison

    Harlan Ellison Screenplay

  24. Photo of John McGreevey

    John McGreevey Screenplay

  25. Photo of Arthur Alsberg

    Arthur Alsberg Screenplay

  26. Photo of Sally Field

    Sally Field Cast

  27. Photo of Madeleine Sherwood

    Madeleine Sherwood Cast

  28. Photo of Marge Redmond

    Marge Redmond Cast

  29. Photo of Shelley Morrison

    Shelley Morrison Cast

  30. Photo of Linda Dangcil

    Linda Dangcil Cast

  31. Photo of Vito Scotti

    Vito Scotti Cast

  32. Photo of Alejandro Rey

    Alejandro Rey Cast

  33. Photo of Dominic Frontiere

    Dominic Frontiere Music

  34. Photo of Ed Jurist

    Ed Jurist Producer

  35. Photo of Jon Epstein

    Jon Epstein Producer

  36. Photo of William Sackheim

    William Sackheim Producer

  37. Photo of Harry Ackerman

    Harry Ackerman Executive Producer and Screenplay