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  1. MONSIEURDE's rating of the film The Fog

  2. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film The Fog

    Lo si guarda con piacere, però non è niente di che

  3. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film The Fog

    Eine athmosphärisch dichte Nebelsuppe untermalt von Carpenter-typischen, großartigen Klängen, wundervoll fotografiert und eindrucksvoll inszeniert. Ein kleines Meisterwerk des Horrorfilms und einer meiner Lieblingsfilme! 10\10

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film The Fog

    Du bon travail, hélas sans aucune poésie, alors que le sujet s'y prêtait fort...

  5. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Fog

    This is probably the last really good old-fashioned ghost story before the horror genre drowned totally in serial killers and supernatural boogeymen who hunt down virgins. The great John Houseman sets the style at the beginning with his scary campfire tale together with the atmospheric music. Great casting too. It deserve it's cult classic status.

  6. Adam GR's rating of the film The Fog

    Concise, shows nothing but the plot. The fog is already rolling in through the opening credits. Adrienne Barbeau hosts a scenic, spooky story. Creeps from the edges of the screen and encloses. Ending was cool.

  7. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Fog

    Great Carpenter, and a personal fav along with They Live and Big Trouble... This one feels like a Scooby Doo ep come to life and given more gruesome elements. Love it. Great cast, Vivien Leigh and daughter, the great Hal Holbrook providing awesome supporting work, just a lot to recommend here. Def lower on the budget scale, but tons of fun. This is a hallmark of 80s cinema in my eyes. 4.5 stars.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film The Fog

    Not my favorite Carpenter film. That would be "The Thing" followed by "They Live". This...not scary and ultimately kind of silly.

  9. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film The Fog

    A fun ghost yarn with some genuine chills. Unfortunately, the 'The Fog' trips over its own dick & stumbles into a very of-its-time 3rd act. Carpenter's touch is often too light, he rarely leans all the way in when making spooky flicks--really the best you can say about him is his soundtracks rule & he got to date Adrienne Barbeau for a while. Recommended reading: 'Last Stories & Other Stories' by William T Vollmann.

  10. tintinmugshot's rating of the film The Fog

    The cinematography from the legendary Dean Cundey saves it a little bit, but not enough (of course) to save the film. Silly and lazy script with a nice budget from Hollywood.

  11. El Biffo's rating of the film The Fog

    SPOILER WARNING: I don't even usually review these kinds of films because I think they are dumb, but John Carpenter is cool anyway. The story goes like this: Some dead guys come back to life after 100 years because they want revenge. They are ghouls and they kill people with cargo hooks and swords. The priest gives them their gold cross and they go away but not without causing a bit more trouble first. The End.

  12. Ghostman's rating of the film The Fog

    Classic Carpenter. Lean & economical, there isn't a wasted shot in the film. The cinematography is absurdly great and it is an amazingly atmospheric film. Well acted and, as others have said, Hawksian, & feminist; a model Hollywood horror film.

  13. Monkey Flix's rating of the film The Fog

    A surprisingly-good, low-gore horror movie from 1980. Most "horror" movies of the period were badly-made splatterfests. If you like horror movies but not the dead-teenager movies of the 80s and 90s, give this one a try.

  14. CHRIS's rating of the film The Fog

    The film did its suspenseful attacks well, but the movie as a whole was underdeveloped. Slow paced villains, dimwitted victims, and lack-luster heroes. Although, the radio vixen was the played her role very well.

  15. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film The Fog

    To the ships in the darkness, look across the sea. Look for the fog. And when you hear the John Carpenter soundtrack run like hell. The film begins with a ghost story around a campfire on the beach, where we learn that shipwrecked sailors were murdered near this town a century ago, and that they vowed to return 100 years later. Dark Fog moving in the opposite direction of the wind presage their coming. Classic

  16. norman51227's rating of the film The Fog

    It was an ok horror film at best. I've seen scarier horror movies than this one. I don't think the movie is actually scary, its just you don't know what's going to happen next that gives the suspense feeling. The story was blurry to me. I was confused about the fog and where it came from, nothing was explained. I didn't see what was the point of the cross at the end of the movie or even being in a church.

  17. ekeal9497's rating of the film The Fog

    John Carpenter is a horror king! From Halloween to The Thing, The Fog is always a favorite of mine. For those who love to watch cheesy iconic horror films, check out everything John Carpenter has to offer!!!! Also, any of the remakes of these movies are really good too but in all reality, it started with Carpenter. I would highly recommend listening to the musical soundtrack again because it's really cool! Legendary!

  18. Cjspen2.0's rating of the film The Fog

    Very classic form of a horror/thriller genre film. Very much plays on the fear of the unknown by using "The Fog" as something to shield the towns dark past from 100 years ago exactly. The fog is shielding seamen who died due to something the town was doing 100 years ago. The score of the film fits the horror genre very well in combining with the long shots in the movie to build up a lot of tension that is scary.

  19. Corey's rating of the film The Fog

  20. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Fog

    Carpenter is REALLY GOOD at getting us to jump. He hides his scares very well and it works brilliantly in this. Also, this horror classic is BEAUTIFUL to look at. So well lit and some beautiful colors. It sets up a creepy tone from the very beginning (a campfire story scene) and maintains it for the entire film. Carpenter is a horror master and this film is a perfect example of his control of the genre.

  21. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film The Fog

    A Carpenter film I'd not seen until it came to Mubi. I'm seriously impressed. This austere seaside ghost story is slow burn, but is worth the wait.

  22. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film The Fog

    2-2.5. Structurally odd, and doesn't do a whole lot with its cast (the fake-out at the end really bugged me btw), but the sheer atmosphere of it is really something to appreciate, with the actual presentation of the ghosts being on the mark for how a horror movie should present its villains. Still, though, camp, and some illogic wind up hurting it.

  23. Kavionna's rating of the film The Fog

    The film was okay. It was scary at times and EvenThough the plot is debatable and the unfolding story hardly makes any sense, Carpenter stylishly presents an eerie atmosphere for the zombie invasion. The scenes caught my attention because of the cinematography that it displayed.

  24. Victor W's rating of the film The Fog

    This vintage "horror" created by John Carpenter will surprisingly leave you invested enough to completely finish the film. The horror itself was close to nonexistent, However, the character development and story/plot prove to be well portrayed. Its shocking to see how John used a normal element of life(fog) and attempt to use it as an element of horror.

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