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  1. Photo of Charles Frend

    Charles Frend Director

  2. Photo of Leslie Arliss

    Leslie Arliss Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Dighton

    John Dighton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger MacDougall

    Roger MacDougall Screenplay

  5. Photo of Angus MacPhail

    Angus MacPhail Screenplay

  6. Photo of Diana Morgan

    Diana Morgan Screenplay

  7. Photo of J.B. Priestley

    J.B. Priestley Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tommy Trinder

    Tommy Trinder Cast

  9. Photo of Constance Cummings

    Constance Cummings Cast

  10. Photo of Clifford Evans

    Clifford Evans Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Morley

    Robert Morley Cast

  12. Photo of Gordon Jackson

    Gordon Jackson Cast

  13. Photo of Ernest Milton

    Ernest Milton Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Victor

    Charles Victor Cast

  15. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Bonifas

    Paul Bonifas Cast

  17. Photo of Francis L. Sullivan

    Francis L. Sullivan Cast

  18. Photo of Mervyn Johns

    Mervyn Johns Cast

  19. Photo of Ronald Adam

    Ronald Adam Cast

  20. Photo of Wilkie Cooper

    Wilkie Cooper Cinematography

  21. Photo of William Walton

    William Walton Music

  22. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Producer

  23. Photo of Alberto Cavalcanti

    Alberto Cavalcanti Producer

  24. Photo of Robert Hamer

    Robert Hamer Editing