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  1. Photo of Christopher Menaul

    Christopher Menaul Director

  2. Photo of David Moore

    David Moore Director

  3. Photo of Sita Williams

    Sita Williams Producer

  4. Photo of David Boulter

    David Boulter Producer

  5. Photo of Stephen Mallatratt

    Stephen Mallatratt Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jan McVerry

    Jan McVerry Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alan Almond

    Alan Almond Cinematography

  8. Photo of Sue Gibson

    Sue Gibson Cinematography

  9. Photo of Damian Lewis

    Damian Lewis Cast

  10. Photo of Gina McKee

    Gina McKee Cast

  11. Photo of Amanda Root

    Amanda Root Cast

  12. Photo of Alistair Petrie

    Alistair Petrie Cast

  13. Photo of Rupert Graves

    Rupert Graves Cast

  14. Photo of Ben Miles

    Ben Miles Cast

  15. Photo of Ann Bell

    Ann Bell Cast

  16. Photo of Malcolm Raeburn

    Malcolm Raeburn Cast

  17. Photo of Barbara Flynn

    Barbara Flynn Cast

  18. Photo of John Carlisle

    John Carlisle Cast

  19. Photo of Maggie Fox

    Maggie Fox Cast

  20. Photo of Julian Ovenden

    Julian Ovenden Cast

  21. Photo of Amanda Ryan

    Amanda Ryan Cast

  22. Photo of Beatriz Batarda

    Beatriz Batarda Cast

  23. Photo of Wendy Craig

    Wendy Craig Cast

  24. Photo of Jowanna Rose

    Jowanna Rose Cast

  25. Photo of Corin Redgrave

    Corin Redgrave Cast

  26. Photo of Amanda Ooms

    Amanda Ooms Cast

  27. Photo of Robert Lang

    Robert Lang Cast

  28. Photo of Ioan Gruffudd

    Ioan Gruffudd Cast

  29. Photo of Bella Hamblin

    Bella Hamblin Cast

  30. Photo of Emma Griffiths Malin

    Emma Griffiths Malin Cast

  31. Photo of Michael Maloney

    Michael Maloney Cast

  32. Photo of Oliver Milburn

    Oliver Milburn Cast

  33. Photo of Lee Williams

    Lee Williams Cast

  34. Photo of David Schofield

    David Schofield Cast

  35. Photo of Richard Hope

    Richard Hope Cast

  36. Photo of Joanna David

    Joanna David Cast

  37. Photo of Tony Cranstoun

    Tony Cranstoun Editing

  38. Photo of Anthony Ham

    Anthony Ham Editing

  39. Photo of Geoffrey Burgon

    Geoffrey Burgon Music