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  1. Photo of Carl Froelich

    Carl Froelich Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jochen Huth

    Jochen Huth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ingrid Bergman

    Ingrid Bergman Cast

  4. Photo of Sabine Peters

    Sabine Peters Cast

  5. Photo of Carsta Löck

    Carsta Löck Cast

  6. Photo of Ursula Herking

    Ursula Herking Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Söhnker

    Hans Söhnker Cast

  8. Photo of Leo Slezak

    Leo Slezak Cast

  9. Photo of Erich Ponto

    Erich Ponto Cast

  10. Photo of Heinz Welzel

    Heinz Welzel Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Klicks

    Rudolf Klicks Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Haubenreißer

    Karl Haubenreißer Cast

  13. Photo of Lotte Braun

    Lotte Braun Cast

  14. Photo of Wilhelm P. Krüger

    Wilhelm P. Krüger Cast

  15. Photo of Willi Rose

    Willi Rose Cast

  16. Photo of Max Rosenhauer

    Max Rosenhauer Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst G. Schiffner

    Ernst G. Schiffner Cast

  18. Photo of Hans Jürgen Weidlich

    Hans Jürgen Weidlich Cast

  19. Photo of Traute Bengen

    Traute Bengen Cast

  20. Photo of Hugo Froelich

    Hugo Froelich Cast

  21. Photo of Kurt Mikulski

    Kurt Mikulski Cast

  22. Photo of Fritz Lafontaine

    Fritz Lafontaine Cast

  23. Photo of Carl-August Dennert

    Carl-August Dennert Cast

  24. Photo of Zarah Leander

    Zarah Leander Cast

  25. Photo of Reimar Kuntze

    Reimar Kuntze Cinematography

  26. Photo of Hanson Milde-Meissner

    Hanson Milde-Meissner Music

  27. Photo of Walter Haag

    Walter Haag Production Design

  28. Photo of Franz Schroedter

    Franz Schroedter Production Design

  29. Photo of Gustav Lohse

    Gustav Lohse Editing

  30. Photo of Carlheinz Becker

    Carlheinz Becker Sound