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  1. Photo of Merian C. Cooper

    Merian C. Cooper Director, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Lothar Mendes

    Lothar Mendes Director

  3. Photo of A.E.W. Mason

    A.E.W. Mason Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hope Loring

    Hope Loring Screenplay

  5. Photo of Howard Estabrook

    Howard Estabrook Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Farrow

    John Farrow Screenplay

  7. Photo of Julian Johnson

    Julian Johnson Screenplay

  8. Photo of Richard Arlen

    Richard Arlen Cast

  9. Photo of Fay Wray

    Fay Wray Cast

  10. Photo of Clive Brook

    Clive Brook Cast

  11. Photo of William Powell

    William Powell Cast

  12. Photo of Theodore von Eltz

    Theodore von Eltz Cast

  13. Photo of Noah Beery

    Noah Beery Cast

  14. Photo of Zack Williams

    Zack Williams Cast

  15. Photo of Noble Johnson

    Noble Johnson Cast

  16. Photo of Harold Hightower

    Harold Hightower Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe De Lacy

    Philippe De Lacy Cast

  18. Photo of E.J. Ratcliffe

    E.J. Ratcliffe Cast

  19. Photo of George Fawcett

    George Fawcett Cast

  20. Photo of Augustin Symonds

    Augustin Symonds Cast

  21. Photo of Rex Ingram

    Rex Ingram Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Kurrle

    Robert Kurrle Cinematography

  23. Photo of William Frederick Peters

    William Frederick Peters Music

  24. Photo of Ernest B. Schoedsack

    Ernest B. Schoedsack Producer, Cinematography, Director Editing

  25. Photo of David O. Selznick

    David O. Selznick Producer