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  1. Photo of Carl-A. Fechner

    Carl-A. Fechner Director, Screenplay, Producer

  2. Photo of Irja Martens

    Irja Martens Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ursula Reber

    Ursula Reber Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Ephraim Broschkowski

    Ephraim Broschkowski Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sorin Dragoi

    Sorin Dragoi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Hermann Scheer

    Hermann Scheer Cast

  7. Photo of Preben Maegaard

    Preben Maegaard Cast

  8. Photo of Elon Musk

    Elon Musk Cast

  9. Photo of Jan-Olaf Williams

    Jan-Olaf Williams Cast

  10. Photo of Bianca Jagger

    Bianca Jagger Cast

  11. Photo of Muhammad Yunus

    Muhammad Yunus Cast

  12. Photo of Dipal Bara

    Dipal Bara Cast

  13. Photo of Mona Bräuer

    Mona Bräuer Editing

  14. Photo of David Gruschka

    David Gruschka Editing

  15. Photo of Natalia Dittrich

    Natalia Dittrich Music

  16. Photo of Laurent Desmetz

    Laurent Desmetz Sound