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Ratings & Reviews

  1. bryanvmh's rating of the film The Front Page

    Pre-code gay jokes, murder jokes, sex jokes, and a sympathetic anarchist forced into a communist pigeonhole by a man running for re-election. Surprisingly biting and bitter in its satire of newspapermen and cops/politicians, with a surplus of energy provided by impressively limber roaming cameras, depicting each level of the newspaper building with a vigorous and terrifying momentum. More fun than Hawks. Liars, all.

  2. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Front Page

    It's a shame that the greatest flaw of The Front Page is simply not being His Girl Friday, the rare remake that not only improves upon the original but also manages to become an all-time classic. The dialogue is still lightning fast and fun, and the camerawork is surprising for the time period, but it misses just a minor step along the way.

  3. David R Williams's rating of the film The Front Page

    "The granddaddy of all journalism movies, United Artists' The Front Page (1931) was the first of four film versions of the 1928 Broadway hit written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Adolphe Menjou stars as bombastic Chicago tabloid editor Walter Burns..."

  4. Savygator's rating of the film The Front Page

    Very fast pace,have to pay close attention to detail of who did what. Covers many characters of "fake news", politics, making choices b/w job & family,social system, sexism.Very entertaining with evidence to back up their stories.Dialogue was difficult to understand at times,however the story still made sense.It shows how news travels so quickly without being verified.Overall was a great movie & definitely recommend

  5. Greg's rating of the film The Front Page

    A stunning take by director Howard Hughes on how powerful, but somewhat corrupted the world of free press can be. How ones own job can interfere with loved ones and plans that one makes. This film also gives a modern day audience a real look into how "fake news" really works, and how press of this era rarely backed up their sorties with solid evidence. Overall a fantastically preformed and directed film.

  6. DSpaceNine's rating of the film The Front Page

    Nice restoration work on a movie this old. Moves fast so pay attention.

  7. Justin Hall's rating of the film The Front Page

  8. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Front Page

    (3.5 stars) Pretty damned entertaining. A fast paced caper from 1931. VERY solid for the time. Dialogue is smart and quick-witted. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the filmmaking here. So a good script with a nice pace and helmed by a director who knows how to keep the action moving = an oscar nominated film. Well done.

  9. Kevin's rating of the film The Front Page

    “The Front Page" is not about the implied gay relations between boss and writer, not the writers' banter that tells the story while it’s happening, including music. It is your cell phone, your ipad, your laptop. Go to news, look at top stories, the very first words you see are “Washington Post”, “NY York Times”, “Huffington Post” This story is the story of news, prophetic beyond its intent. Lesson learned.

  10. Aardsy's rating of the film The Front Page

    Hildy and Walter should just kiss already.

  11. Diderot's rating of the film The Front Page

    The history of fast-talking and overlapping dialogue begins very early, and this is an important step in that chronology of auditory and visual simultaneity later so important in Altman. On top of the screenplay, there's some interesting camera-work and editing here.

  12. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Front Page

    Great version of this classic. Menjou is a fav of mine, hes just so cool. This pre-Code version has a bit more bite than the more famaliar Grant-Russell version. Some of the camerawork is also quite innovative for its time. Sometimes early talkies are too stagnant, the camera immobile, but not here. A real gem.

  13. Edward Copeland's rating of the film The Front Page

    The first screen incarnation of the classic play still works well, especially since it was made in the pre-Code era. Milestone's direction in particular proves impressives, even 80 years later.