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  1. msmichel's rating of the film The Funhouse

    'Pay to get in...pray to get out.' Atmospheric but seldom scary picture from horror veteran Hooper that fails its macabre intent. The initial creature reveal is quite memorable while the scripting certainly is not. Good score by John Beal.

  2. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film The Funhouse

  3. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Funhouse

    jao severuse sta gledam zbog tebe

  4. Severus Snape's rating of the film The Funhouse

    "I hate people who preach. Especially in bathrooms."

  5. Steve G.'s rating of the film The Funhouse

    Even Melanie and Martina wouldn't be able to save this piece of shite.

  6. Rocco's rating of the film The Funhouse

    There's plenty to love about this (the killer's makeup effects, the lurid lighting, the Danny Elfman-y score) but honestly it's a bit of a bore. The more Hooper I watch the less I'm convinced he's a misunderstood genius. Every film is a variation on the slasher tropes he invented, but without the unfiltered energy that TCM harnessed it always falls flat. Glad he returned to the carnival with TCM 2 though :D

  7. film_lies101's rating of the film The Funhouse

    TCM remade as a generic Hollywood picture. Tonally all over the place, it seems like Hooper wanted to capture what excited him about Horror films as a kid. The little brother subplot goes absolutely nowhere, the teenagers dialogue makes it sound like they're from the 50s, the horror homage in the beginning is misleading. Such a great disappointment!

  8. Luca Soldati's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Slasher che spicca grazie ad alcune trovate originali e ad una regia di qualità. Il Luna Park e le ambientazioni inquietano molto col procedere della trama. La fotografia e l'illuminazione degli ambienti sono molto belle. Uccisioni strutturate molto bene e che riescono a colpire. Personaggi abbastanza interessanti. Il mostro ha una buona caratterizzazione, grazie all'ottima la trovata di mostrarlo vittima del padre.

  9. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film The Funhouse

  10. Mark Garrett's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Better than Texas Chainsaw? Fury is here born out of incompatible, sectarian relationships: two families shred apart by sexual tension/parental overbearing. Their actions can't go on any longer without the insanity of the other reflecting their own monstrousness, and so they collide when characters are out of place. The film is therefore an intervention, mangling its sources/clichés into something positive

  11. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Far from being scary, but it delivers some elegant shot. In terms of nostalgia it's that good stuff from the 80s.

  12. Matthew Horvath's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Tobe Hooper captures the sleazy carnival atmosphere with gusto! So many great little touches throughout; Madame Zena, doppel-gangers working the different attractions, that one dude who may or may not be a kiddy-diddler, the fetuses in jars, all the "atmosphere shots" of the cackling fat lady and associates. Gunther the Monster-Man is just a rousing exclamation point to all that! A very underrated film!!!

  13. courtneylesueur's rating of the film The Funhouse

    2.5 | I mean, meh. It left me feeling very uncomfortable in a bad way.

  14. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Funhouse

    "La casa de los horrores" va empujando su trama a través de la fascinación por lo circense, una que invita a lo maligno y lo retorcido sin que haya una omisión del terror. Ese es el gran punto a favor de la película; ofrecer al espectador una película que no genera su primer giro dramática (que es el primer efecto de terror) sino hasta después de la mitad de iniciada. Lo demás cumple con el entretenimiento.

  15. Log Lady's rating of the film The Funhouse

    The premise is interesting and it's what drew me to this in the first place, but Hooper's vision is just another generic horror film that doesn't use its material in a particularly creative way. I'm all for slow horror, but here it doesn't work.

  16. Rattzz Matanzano's rating of the film The Funhouse

  17. TheCinemaAdventurist's rating of the film The Funhouse

    This is a slasher horror film, that actually I really think has a lot of clever and special things going on within the movie. It's hard to what it exactly is. This movie made me sympathize with the monsters rather than teenagers who are being terrorized, which is why I thought it was so brilliant and it is creatively set up as well. Definitely a great horror film in my opinion by Tobe Hooper.

  18. lizle's rating of the film The Funhouse

    The book was more graphic

  19. Patrick's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Mozart's wife. Hip guy. Spiderfaced inbred retard. Good movie.

  20. MarcH's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Love the cavernous ride-through funhouse with a full basement and air duct a traveling carnvial.

  21. MODERNGRUMBLE's rating of the film The Funhouse

    definitely one of my favorite American horror films, and so underrated! Something that hopefully changes with the Arrow re-release.

  22. João Eça's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Light and thunder, colour and screaming, fright and hysteria. Sometimes it's a bit too much (in the tradition of italian horror masters such as Bava or Argento), but Hooper's dark and monstruous vision of our world (with all its repressions, nightmares, promiscuity and violent pulsions) is incredibly complex and interesting. Is Hooper's point of view a moral one? As in Carpenter, I still have my doubts...

  23. Fuzzbucket's rating of the film The Funhouse

    Not too bad not too good either. I loved the opening tribute to both Hitchcock & Carpenter. I can see that House Of 1000 Corpses was inspired by this & The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

  24. Leco's rating of the film The Funhouse

    That fat lady laughing is a strong image from my childhood. Considerably slow paced for nowadays audiences, but still a good movie. The special FX aren't that bad either. Full feature vailable on YouTube, check it out.

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