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  1. Photo of Alicia Scherson

    Alicia Scherson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roberto Bolaño

    Roberto Bolaño Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruno Bettati

    Bruno Bettati Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Christoph Friedel

    Christoph Friedel Producer

  5. Photo of Mario Mazzarotto

    Mario Mazzarotto Producer

  6. Photo of Emanuele Nespeca

    Emanuele Nespeca Producer

  7. Photo of Luis Ángel Ramírez

    Luis Ángel Ramírez Producer

  8. Photo of Claudia Steffen

    Claudia Steffen Producer

  9. Photo of Ricardo DeAngelis

    Ricardo DeAngelis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Miguel Hormazábal

    Miguel Hormazábal Sound

  11. Photo of Tim Pannen

    Tim Pannen Production Design

  12. Photo of Marta Zani

    Marta Zani Production Design

  13. Photo of Sebastián Muñoz

    Sebastián Muñoz Production Design

  14. Photo of Manuela Martelli

    Manuela Martelli Cast

  15. Photo of Luigi Ciardo

    Luigi Ciardo Cast

  16. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  17. Photo of Alessandro Giallocosta

    Alessandro Giallocosta Cast

  18. Photo of Nicolas Vaporidis

    Nicolas Vaporidis Cast

  19. Photo of Pino Calabrese

    Pino Calabrese Cast

  20. Photo of Eduardo Henriquez

    Eduardo Henriquez Music

  21. Photo of Caroline Chaspoul

    Caroline Chaspoul Music

  22. Photo of Patricia Rivadeneira

    Patricia Rivadeneira Cast