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  1. Loud Rocks's rating of the film The Future

  2. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film The Future

    2.5/5. It seems like two different films with different tones and approaches have been intermingled. I think, these two films should have affected each other in one way or other; yet there appears to be no real tension between these two worlds and it lessens the dramatic effect of the film as a whole.

  3. Jane de Deus's rating of the film The Future

    Not half bad. She got the tone right and the understated actors were able pull off this Bolano-esque number. I was doubtful, but I liked it. Also, I have food poisoning right now which meant the soft, slow-moving unfolding of this piece was very welcomed. There is a touch of Last Tango in here too.

  4. Lauren Lavercombe's rating of the film The Future

    This was a quietly engaging and oft slow moving film with a great performance by the female lead. The intricacies of age, distance, longing, sexuality, tragedy and the dualistic nature of being human unfolds throughout, sans a feeling of awkward cliche or judgement. Pretty shots at times, with interesting composition. I appreciated this film, it felt female.

  5. ranchocarne's rating of the film The Future

    A welcome oddity. Old Hauer reminded me his younger self in "Turkish Delight".

  6. Stefan Gardovic's rating of the film The Future

    A film about a troubled teen who falls in love with an old man, that she is trying to rob. I really liked Manuela Martelli's performance but other than that the film didn't do much for me. The opening credits really threw me off, it got a bit better but never quite good. Although my main issue is with the story the cinematography didn't impress much, other than the scenes at Maciste's house which were beautiful.

  7. NoPocky4Kitty's rating of the film The Future

    Strong performance from the female lead, very impressive. Beautiful cinematography. Ultimately didn't really do it for me though. Maybe I should read the book instead?

  8. uenus's rating of the film The Future

  9. sark's rating of the film The Future

    Rutger is still the man.

  10. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Future

    Beautifully shot, “Il Futuro” is a confrontational coming-of-age tale about changing, where good and bad, present and future, sincerity and falseness, pureness and vice, are laid bare with purpose. Full Review:

  11. Susie Q's rating of the film The Future

    Nice to see Rutger Hauer in something that isn't a B-film.

  12. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film The Future

    A pretty decent attempt at adapting Bolano to film that manages to capture some of his work's enigmatic vagueness, if not its depth. And why anybody thought the opening credits were a good idea is a mystery even Bolano would be afraid to contemplate.