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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Gambler

  2. colleo's rating of the film The Gambler

    Operating like an insurance company/betting system is a powerful metaphor of neoliberalism, especially in a country where the health care system has been largely privatized.

  3. saitosouta's rating of the film The Gambler

    A lot are movies titled "The Gambler" in English and almost all is no much for Karel Reisz's, but this is different. Gamble-crazy paramedic guy tumbles down precipitous edge of moral. Music like scream of metal, on-the-deadly-point storytelling, partly observational & partly drastically emotional photography connected with character's despair. Intense Lithuanian thriller, darkishly shining gem.

  4. arbuzum's rating of the film The Gambler

  5. Kurmismedituoja's rating of the film The Gambler

    Great acting by V. KaniuĊĦonis, interesting story, original. Fitting soundtrack. I'm not sure what feelings I get after watching this film though.

  6. Ronja's rating of the film The Gambler

    3+ the poor sick child's line is really cheesy, and the "experimental stuff" sometimes look simply stupid, but there is an atmosphere, the film is breathing and personally for me the ending worked good, especially the last images, both visually astounding and meaningful.