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  1. Photo of Michael Winner

    Michael Winner Director

  2. Photo of Erich Segal

    Erich Segal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Paynter

    Robert Paynter Cinematography

  4. Photo of Bernard Gribble

    Bernard Gribble Editing

  5. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  6. Photo of Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford Cast

  7. Photo of Ryan O'Neal

    Ryan O'Neal Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Aznavour

    Charles Aznavour Cast

  9. Photo of Jeremy Kemp

    Jeremy Kemp Cast

  10. Photo of Elaine Taylor

    Elaine Taylor Cast

  11. Photo of Stanley Baker

    Stanley Baker Cast

  12. Photo of Rafer Johnson

    Rafer Johnson Cast

  13. Photo of Kent Smith

    Kent Smith Cast

  14. Photo of Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott Cast

  15. Photo of Mona Washbourne

    Mona Washbourne Cast

  16. Photo of Reg Lye

    Reg Lye Cast

  17. Photo of June Jago

    June Jago Cast

  18. Photo of Hugh McDermott

    Hugh McDermott Cast

  19. Photo of Harvey Hall

    Harvey Hall Cast

  20. Photo of Bob Cunningham

    Bob Cunningham Cast

  21. Photo of Colin Jeavons

    Colin Jeavons Cast

  22. Photo of Paddy Webster

    Paddy Webster Cast

  23. Photo of Alexander Werner

    Alexander Werner Cast

  24. Photo of Emmy Werner

    Emmy Werner Cast

  25. Photo of Dale Ishimoto

    Dale Ishimoto Cast

  26. Photo of Stephanie Beacham

    Stephanie Beacham Cast

  27. Photo of Gwendolyn Watts

    Gwendolyn Watts Cast

  28. Photo of Warren Stanhope

    Warren Stanhope Cast

  29. Photo of Karel Stepanek

    Karel Stepanek Cast

  30. Photo of Fritz Wepper

    Fritz Wepper Cast