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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Garment Jungle

    Strange movie mostly shot by Robert Aldrich but, after Aldrich was fired, Vincent Sherman was called to shoot a few more scenes. Some sets are very cheap like Lee J. Cobb's apartment with (bad) drawings of NYC behind the windows. The murders are filmed by Aldrich no doubt about that. Good Gia Scala prestation. Already forgotten though.

  2. flip trotsky's rating of the film The Garment Jungle

    Cast is great, and Sherman's direction is occasionally inspired, especially in the promising opening scenes. But the film is ultimately a bit too didactic, the characters too monochrome, and the dramatic turn too predictable. For a noirish take on unions and the mob, I much prefer Arnold Laven's *Slaughter on Tenth Avenue* from the same year.