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  1. Photo of Brian Gilbert

    Brian Gilbert Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Horowitz

    Anthony Horowitz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christina Ricci

    Christina Ricci Cast

  4. Photo of Ioan Gruffudd

    Ioan Gruffudd Cast

  5. Photo of Stephen Dillane

    Stephen Dillane Cast

  6. Photo of Kerry Fox

    Kerry Fox Cast

  7. Photo of Simon Russell Beale

    Simon Russell Beale Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Hardy

    Robert Hardy Cast

  9. Photo of Harry Forrester

    Harry Forrester Cast

  10. Photo of Jessica Mann

    Jessica Mann Cast

  11. Photo of Peter McNamara

    Peter McNamara Cast

  12. Photo of Mark Bagnall

    Mark Bagnall Cast

  13. Photo of Clare Bloomer

    Clare Bloomer Cast

  14. Photo of Mackenzie Crook

    Mackenzie Crook Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Evans

    Richard Evans Cast

  16. Photo of Roy Evans

    Roy Evans Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Hamilton

    Paul Hamilton Cast

  18. Photo of Jason Morell

    Jason Morell Cast

  19. Photo of Fenella Norman

    Fenella Norman Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Paschall Jr.

    Robert Paschall Jr. Cast

  21. Photo of Diana Payan

    Diana Payan Cast

  22. Photo of Jacqueline Phillips

    Jacqueline Phillips Cast

  23. Photo of Eugene Walker

    Eugene Walker Cast

  24. Photo of Anatol Yusef

    Anatol Yusef Cast

  25. Photo of Martin Fuhrer

    Martin Fuhrer Cinematography

  26. Photo of Anne Dudley

    Anne Dudley Music

  27. Photo of Caroline Amies

    Caroline Amies Production Design

  28. Photo of Pippa Cross

    Pippa Cross Producer

  29. Photo of Marc Samuelson

    Marc Samuelson Producer

  30. Photo of Peter Samuelson

    Peter Samuelson Producer

  31. Photo of Patrick McKenna

    Patrick McKenna Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Masahiro Hirakubo

    Masahiro Hirakubo Editing

  33. Photo of Nic Ede

    Nic Ede Costume Design