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  1. Photo of Frank Tashlin

    Frank Tashlin Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Rudy Makoul

    Rudy Makoul Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marie McDonald

    Marie McDonald Cast

  4. Photo of Sessue Hayakawa

    Sessue Hayakawa Cast

  5. Photo of Barton MacLane

    Barton MacLane Cast

  6. Photo of Suzanne Pleshette

    Suzanne Pleshette Cast

  7. Photo of Nobu McCarthy

    Nobu McCarthy Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Hirano

    Robert Hirano Cast

  9. Photo of Ryuzo Demura

    Ryuzo Demura Cast

  10. Photo of The Los Angeles Dodgers

    The Los Angeles Dodgers Cast

  11. Photo of Stanley Cha

    Stanley Cha Cast

  12. Photo of Teru Shimada

    Teru Shimada Cast

  13. Photo of Haskell B. Boggs

    Haskell B. Boggs Cinematography

  14. Photo of Walter Scharf

    Walter Scharf Music

  15. Photo of Tambi Larsen

    Tambi Larsen Production Design

  16. Photo of Hal Pereira

    Hal Pereira Production Design

  17. Photo of Jerry Lewis

    Jerry Lewis Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Alma Macrorie

    Alma Macrorie Editing

  19. Photo of Howard Beals

    Howard Beals Sound

  20. Photo of Charles Grenzbach

    Charles Grenzbach Sound

  21. Photo of Gene Merritt

    Gene Merritt Sound

  22. Photo of Edith Head

    Edith Head Costume Design

  23. Photo of Sy Devore

    Sy Devore Costume Design