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  1. Photo of Valentina Bartolo

    Valentina Bartolo Self

  2. Photo of Elisabetta Fischer

    Elisabetta Fischer Self

  3. Photo of Pia Lanciotti

    Pia Lanciotti Self

  4. Photo of Nicola Marchitiello

    Nicola Marchitiello Self

  5. Photo of Anna Nevander

    Anna Nevander Self

  6. Photo of Ettore Nicoletti

    Ettore Nicoletti Self

  7. Photo of Sax Nicosia

    Sax Nicosia Self

  8. Photo of Luigi Piluso

    Luigi Piluso Self

  9. Photo of Beppe Rosso

    Beppe Rosso Self

  10. Photo of Federico Tolardo

    Federico Tolardo Self

  11. Photo of Costanza Toso

    Costanza Toso Self

  12. Photo of Junior Lucano

    Junior Lucano Cinematography

  13. Photo of Alessandro Mattiolo

    Alessandro Mattiolo Cinematography

  14. Photo of Stefano Rogliatti

    Stefano Rogliatti Cinematography

  15. Photo of Cristina Borgogna

    Cristina Borgogna Production Design

  16. Photo of Claudio Bronzo

    Claudio Bronzo Producer

  17. Photo of Michel Dejoie

    Michel Dejoie Producer

  18. Photo of Lorenzo Lotti

    Lorenzo Lotti Producer

  19. Photo of Maxì Dejoie

    Maxì Dejoie Editing, Director Screenplay