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  1. Photo of Denis Kavanagh

    Denis Kavanagh Director

  2. Photo of Pat Dixon

    Pat Dixon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

    Edward George Bulwer-Lytton Story

  4. Photo of Harold Baim

    Harold Baim Producer

  5. Photo of Ray Densham

    Ray Densham Cinematography

  6. Photo of Dorothy Elliot

    Dorothy Elliot Editing

  7. Photo of Valentine Dyall

    Valentine Dyall Cast

  8. Photo of Anne Howard

    Anne Howard Cast

  9. Photo of Alec Faversham

    Alec Faversham Cast

  10. Photo of Beatrice Marsden

    Beatrice Marsden Cast

  11. Photo of Anthony Baird

    Anthony Baird Cast

  12. Photo of David Keir

    David Keir Cast

  13. Photo of Monti DeLyle

    Monti DeLyle Cast

  14. Photo of Nina Erber

    Nina Erber Cast

  15. Photo of John Desmond

    John Desmond Cast